Waltzing with Stars

Charriol launch in Taipei

Charriol launch in Taipei

November 05, TaipeiCharriol continues its ‘Stars for Charriol’ campaign as it held another star-studded event at its Mitsukoshi A8 boutique in Taiwan.

The hour-long event featured the beautiful Ms. Liya Wang and Mr. Edwin Gerrard, two well-known Taiwanese models, who treated the audience to an unexpected but well-received waltz.

Both gave a mini-fashion show while wearing the new St-Tropez and Celtic watches in diamond versions, respectively, as they paraded around the boutique and showed the media how the new timepieces can be stylishly worn.

The event, which was organized by Origin International Co., Ltd. (CHARRIOL’s distributor in Taiwan) and Istar Resources Co., Ltd. (CHARRIOL’s media partner in Taiwan), continues to generate awareness on the Swiss luxury brand which has an enduring presence in the market.

Wang Li-Ya with Charriol St-Tropez diamond watch

Wang Li-Ya Edwin Gerrard Charriol watch

Wang Li-Ya Edwin Gerrard - Charriol watches

83 members of the press attended and covered the successful event.

With CHARRIOL donning a youthful and fashionable face, it is a brand whose popularity will undoubtedly grow among Taiwan’s younger generations for many years to come…

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