Valentine’s day gifts: Charriol unveils symbolic jewelry collection

Valentine's day gift Lock and key Collection Charriol

Valentine's day gift Lock and key Collection Charriol

Long-held promises, special words, personal stories… secrets enthrall us all. In time for Valentine’s Day, Charriol’s new collection is inspired by intrigue, and is based on the theme of locks and keys.


Charriol’s Creative Director, Coralie Charriol, has captured the essence of the padlock and key symbol in a delightful line of silver jewelry, designed to reflect “the secrets that we all hold, that we choose to share or to keep under lock and key.”


The ‘Lock and Key’ range is full of meaning: silver pendants, rings and bracelets are adorned with symbolic motifs, creating new pieces that will play a part in the wearer’s story.

 Comprising 13 items that are delicate yet full of detail, the Lock and Key pieces can be worn by women, couples, or even men, as some of the larger pieces hold unisex appeal. The collection displays many of Charriol’s hallmarks such as the mystical Celtic Cross or the iconic cable wire design, which underscore the lock motif.

 Three lock-style pendants in a padlock or heart design are crafted from solid silver, with palladium and rhodium plating, on a mid-size (45cm) chain. These are accompanied by three intricate silver key pendants, on an elegant, longer, (70cm) necklace. Two silver rings, in a padlock or heart shape, complement the pendants and are distinguished by their comfortable, adjustable cable wire band.

Valentine day gift key jewellery Charriol

 Valentine day gift lock jewellery Charriol

Two further rings bear the House’s Celtic cross motif: the smaller of these, for women, is embellished with diamonds; this can be matched with a masculine Celtic cross signet ring.



Completing the range is a trio of bracelets, all bearing the iconic cable wire motif. Choose from a padlock, padlocked heart icon, or the enduring appeal of the Celtic cross. Each bracelet is worked in silver, coated with palladium and rhodium plating, to ensure a lasting, lustrous allure.

Valentine-day-gift-bangle-heart-Charriol Valentine-day-gift-bangle-Charriol

Highly romantic, these pieces are ideal for Valentine’s Day, but could also be offered to cherished friends or daughters – a gift for whoever holds the key to your heart. 


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