The road to a luxury jewelry brand

Philippe Charriol

Few weeks ago, Philippe Charriol had an interview with MEGA Magazine, in Manilla, Philippines. There he explained his path to success and how he created his luxury house.

He started selling watches in the 80s, and after almost three decades, CHARRIOL is very much known in the world today for its twisted cable jewels and watches.
Philippe Charriol was already 40 when he gave up his job as the executive director of Cartier to found his own company in 1983.
When he started the brand, he was looking for something unique that the consumers could pick up because it’s simple and relatable.

Philippe Charriol

“When I had to start the brand, I was looking for something very different that the consumers could pick up without having it addressed by advertising which I did not have at that time.”

Philippe Charriol

Thanks to his visit to the British Museum in London, the main component of his jewels was found: steel cable. In fact, with his artistic ingenuity he decided to use the heritage piece he had found in this museum : a Celtic bracelet from 45 centuries ago, by utilizing an actual steel cable.


He told MEGA that as CHARRIOL continues to develop wearable jewelry, the house try to place an accessible price to every piece.

Being in the competitive market industry for so long, Philippe Charriol learned that consistency is key. With time and experiences, he has well understood what CHARRIOL’s DNA is based on : twisted cables.

Forever rings Charriol

Even if CHARRIOL innovates and creates new jewels, there will always be a core collection with slight changes such as color, to represent the “Art of Living Differently”

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