The Emblematic Charriol Woman: Living Extraordinarily


Charriol is rooted in the aura of Celtic Femininity: rebellious, refined, and sophisticated. Over 30 years later, this inspiration has manifested into a timeless modernity and personified in the contemporary, extraordinary Charriol Woman. Queens, druidesses, fairies and goddesses of then, are the protective mothers, passionate lovers, political advisers and formidable fighters of now.

In 2020, through Coralie Charriol Paul, this femininity endorses a new and plural dimension. A new Luxury is born. With the same red thread accompanying the brand since its beginnings: be visionary, keep in touch and care of the beauty of the essentials and the Humanity patrimony.



She dances across the world to the beat of her own dream. She feeds her exoticism through unfamiliar experiences and becomes in touch with her freedom, fragility and strength. Her inextinguible curiosity fuels her nomadic propensities and paints her life with color.


She is her own eminent embodiment of mother nature. She is personified as a creative and powerful force resistant to subordination.

She pays tribute to the world, living with intentionality and consciousness of the nature and wildlife she coexists with. She is not only reactive, she is proactive. She effectuates pragmatic actions to promote ground level solutions, and invigorates those around her to do the same.


She identifies with the elements that comprise her idiomatic womanity.  She doesn’t confine herself to the social structure of femininity, but rather builds her own. She is dynamic, unpredictable, and confident in the woman she is.


Her self-expression is rooted in a collective awareness of body and mind.  She is in tune with her existence and treasures the vibrant, subtle and interconnected nature of all life.


She lives intensively her passions and engagements, both personal, familial and professional. She acts with a constant focus on the importance to give sense to what she does and thinks.

“There are two moments that define and give sense to my work:  the moment I get an idea and the moment I cross paths with a woman wearing one of my creations. It’s a woman who buys her own jewelry and watches. She is neither an object, nor a princess… She is a real, free and plural woman, who doesn’t need to justify her actions. An independent woman, who buy our feminine collections that reflect all the facets of her personality and make it come alive.”

Coralie Charriol Paul

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