Succumb to the “invitation to travel”

HAVANA, the new CHARRIOL jewellery collection for women

Charriol’s HAVANA collection reinvents the “invitation to travel” with sensual, delicate and colorful jewelry, which captures the light and magnifies every gesture. Seductive materials, iconic details and shimmering pendants… with HAVANA, every summer hour is filled with the ultra-femininity of mother of pearl watercolor shades. A collection of jewelry dedicated to women who love the sun and beaches, in love with luminous creations stamped with a design both trendy and timeless.


Natural mother of pearl, silver and steel cable for evocative talismans

To celebrate the invitation to travel and the evocative colours of the fine sandy beaches, what could be more subtle and symbolic than the iridescence of the mother-of-pearl? This is the leitmotif of HAVANA, Charriol’s new jewellery collection. It elegantly combines the changing shades of abalone* or white motherof-pearl with the silver and the steel cable – the Maison signature – to create delicate and mysterious parures that enhance the summer’s tan. Reminiscent of the mica grains that shine on the skin at the end of the days spent between the sky and the sea, the dunes and the wind, HAVANA is a refined collection with the irresistibly evocative charms of evasion.

Light and emotional parures, like the memory of a trip you keep on and with you.

*Abalone: a sensational material and a wonder of nature The mother-of-pearl of this shell comes from the ormeau (in French) or abalone (in English). A source of mystery, raw and rough as rock on the outside, it offers an iridescent blend of several colours on the inside, including black, green, blue, purple, silver and sometimes pink. Its shell has been a source of magic for thousands of years. Herbs, incense or sandalwood are burned there. It is said that the magnetism of abalone mother-of-pearl is infinite, that its contact with the skin gives mental and spiritual assurance, joie de vivre, grace, elegance and self-confidence to the wearer.
Its beauty and virtues are used by First Nations peoples and Maori to depict the eyes of their wooden sculptures, make hooks, ornaments and participate in shamanic purification rituals. The message of this mother-of-pearl is: “I have complete self-confidence”. An ideal material to sublimate the Charriol woman.

A trendy and timeless collection, in love with freedom, fragility and strength

Collector’s bangles, pendants creoles and creative fantasies. Each of the jewels from the HAVANA collection is an ode to the symbolism of the abalone: softness, purity, rarity but also extravagance, joie de vivre and openness to the world… So Charriol !
The delicate and translucent discs of mother-of-pearl or abalone match with silver pastilles, including one with the Charriol’s distinctive “C” that signs each piece of the brand jewelry. Mounted on steel cables, the bracelets, rings and small or generous creoles are combined with long silver necklaces, light as dream catchers, that slip into the heart of the neckline. This collection skillfully combines the symbolic fragility of mother-of-pearl with the strength of silver and steel.

In a contrast of materials with innovative design, HAVANA pays tribute to the complexity and allure of the Charriol woman.

Materials Silver 925, Stainless steel cable, white mother-of-pearl and abalone

Collection 2 Rings, 4 pairs of Earrings, 2 bangles, 2 necklaces Finishes Silver chain, mother-of-pearl and abalone pendants on silver structure and steel cable 2mm for small creoles, 2.5mm for rings, necklaces and large creoles, 3mm for bangles


Ring Sizes: S to L (49-58). Bangle: S to L (15.5cm – 18cm) Necklace in silver chain 60cm, small creoles diameter 15mm, large creoles diameter 50mm

Coralie Charriol-Paul Artistic creator of “HAVANA”
For 19 years, Coralie Charriol-Paul has been the brand’s artistic creator. And the perfect incarnation of the Charriol woman, at once free, committed, complex, passionate and rigorous. A great traveler, in love with trends that she finds in the 4 corners of the world, she leads a hectic life in New York, surrounded by her husband and her 3 children and combines her passion for open spaces and beautiful encounters with her work in designing and creating the ranges of the Maison Charriol.

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