Succumb to the “invitation au voyage”


CALYPSO, the new CHARRIOL jewelry collection for women

Travelling, discovering new landscapes and new cultures are inseparable from the DNA of the Maison Charriol. Audacity, thirst for new experiences, to share them, to intensely savor the moment, to be at the same time, neither quite the same nor quite another under other skies and other lights….


The Charriol woman is cosmopolitan, both urban and contemplative, adventurous and romantic. She makes “the art of living the Difference” a way of life that over time leads her to new horizons and beautiful encounters. The world of travelling is one of the facets of her personality.

A collection that celebrates summer, the joie de vivre and lightness that accompany an escape…  so Charriol!

Calypso: the sea nymph gives her name to a captivating collection


The new CALYPSO line reinvents the “Invitation au voyage” with a sensual, solar and colorful jewelry collection, which captures light and magnifies each gesture.

Iconic details and semi-precious colored stones: -red coral, dumortierite, agate, tiger eye, malachite – cut in delicate pearls, compose with the distinctive cable dear to the Maison Charriol a collection of rings and bracelets as aesthetic as holistic. A steel bead signed by a C adds its brand signature to each jewel.

With CALYPSO, the summer time is feminine and exotic. A collection of jewels dedicated to lovers of sun, travels and beaches, loving light ornaments with a design both trendy and symbolic.

Materials: Silver 925, Stainless steel cable, semi-precious stones
Collection: 5 rings, 5 bracelets
Finishes: Steel cable, steel decoration and red coral, dumortierite, agate, tiger’s eye or malachite pearls
Ring Sizes: S to L (49-58). Bracelet: S to L (15.5cm – 18cm)

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