Feeling like a star, or heading for starry success? Celebrate a special moment with this pretty new St-Tropez™ timepiece for women, feminine and dazzling with its choice of coloured steel and sparkling diamonds in a star-shaped setting. Charriol craftsmen and jewelers work together to create a glittering new piece.

St-Tropez™ is the most glamorous collection in Charriol’s portfolio of watches – delicate, luxurious and made totally unique by the pretty signature bracelet that is attached to the strap. It is also one of the most versatile, continually updated with pretty new interpretations that recall all the glamour of its namesake French town.

The new St-Tropez™ Stars piece calls to mind festive winter nights with a crisp sky overhead, the magic of brilliant stars piercing through a velvety sky. It is this precious mood that makes the timepiece ideal for marking successes and special occasions, especially as precious details are found all over the watch.


First, a choice of rose, yellow or plain steel is teamed with Charriol’s signature cable strap in finely woven steel. Charriol clips adorn the bracelet strap, engraved with the Charriol insignia. The dial is truly refined, in shimmering white mother of pearl, with 11 diamonds to count the hours. The Charriol logo is seen at 12 o’clock and a small seconds hand at 6 o’clock. The steel bezels are all adorned with an artistic scattering of diamonds, each precisely set in a star-shape.

A new interpretation, a new mood: just like Saint-Tropez itself, the appeal of this watch collection never fades.

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