Philippe II : the new fragrance for men



In the same vein as PHILIPPE, PHILIPPE II, the new fragrance for men, is a tribute to and reflection of Philippe Charriol, the founder of the famous timepiece and jewelry brand.

A rich Eau de Parfum with a strong, elegant and timeless personality, whose completely black decoration brings a touch of class, strength and virility.

PHILIPPE II is designed for leaders, men of power and conquest such as Philippe Charriol. A modern, passionate and charismatic man who travels the world exuding energy and curiosity. And whose seal of excellence adorns his luxury creations.

PHILIPPE II is an echo of this intense, refined and daring man, with a touch of mystery that is unique to these leaders of men.



Perfumer Creator: Christian Vermorel – Company Mane
Olfactory family: aromatic chypre
A real masculine chypre, with animalic and spicy facets that bring supreme elegance and startling manliness, for a fragrance with resolutely powerful notes.

The top notes – at once citrusy with Bergamot and aromatic with Artemisia Vulgaris – are tinged with Cinnamon Leaves to create a vibrant and intense opening.

The freshness of Egyptian Geranium & Lavender notes, associated with Coriander, underscores the composition to reveal audacity and personality.

The fragrance becomes warm and sensual with balsamic, woody and smoky base notes of Patchouli, Vetiver and Fir Balsam Absolute.
PHILIPPE II, a distinguished Eau de Parfum Pour Homme, with sophisticated, very enveloping and deep essences, which is certain to make its mark.


The PHILIPPE II Eau de Parfum bottle with its intense and deep shiny black color immediately commands respect with force and seductive power.

Its rectangular shape and sleek design reinforce the bottle’s masculinity and strength, mirrored in the thickness of the opaque black glass.

The name of the fragrance, PHILIPPE II and the Charriol logo, printed in silver letters on the front of the bottle, accentuate its distinguished look. A discreet black ring enlaces the bottle’s neck.

But it is the luxurious rectangular cap that brings the ultimate touch of glamour: two sides adorned with three twisted, superposed shiny steel cables, the Charriol House trademark, contrast with the rest of the cap, dressed in silver, making it resemble a sumptuous masculine jewel. On the top, the Charriol logo is elegantly engraved like a tone-on-tone coat of arms.

The PHILIPPE II box is dressed in a deep and elegant black. The fragrance’s name and the Charriol logo are majestically printed in bright silver letters on the front of the box.

Echoing the cap, three embossed steel cables decorate the top of the box, producing a very eye-catching, refined effect.

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