CHARRIOL joins the Social Media World

In an era of greater transparency and authenticity, social media is rapidly delivering a new standard of connecting people. Our fans worldwide deserve to be informed about us and so we have decided to announce some good news: as of now, you can get your CHARRIOL fix from our social blog!

Social Media is the new platform that will help CHARRIOL bridge the gap between the past and the future. It will provide a better opportunity to interact and engage with us and we’re excited about this!

Designer brands like CHARRIOL have so much to offer. You will be able to discover our universe and learn about all our products, our philosophy, our history, our new launches, our promotions and the celebrities that love wearing CHARRIOL too.  It will be the place for exchanging experiences, asking questions and above all, discovering our difference! CHARRIOL is a unique brand and we want you experience this.

By creating our blog and official facebook community we want to share with you our brand values and uniqueness. CHARRIOL is all about passion not only products! And the products are the design of an experience; la Maison CHARRIOL is embedded with the history of a man’s passion for jewelry and fine watch making. It’s about being different and assuming it, taking this difference to a new level!

CHARRIOL will entertain you, teach you and take you to new places around the world. We will unveil exclusive stories and pieces.

Please, come in, look around, enjoy and spread the word!


Participate and Engage; feel free to express yourself!

“L’Art de vivre la difference” will soon be your mantra too…

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