Madame Marie-Olga Charriol officially joins Maison

Charriol Ladies Polo team and Marie-Olga Charriol

CHARRIOL is delighted to welcome Marie-Olga Charriol, into the heart of the luxury Swiss watch and jewellery Maison.  As wife of Philippe and with a longstanding involvement in and passion for the brand, Marie-Olga is now joining the Public Relation department, whilst reflecting the femininity and elegance of the Charriol spirit.

Marie-Olga Charriol in Megève

From the Background to the foreground

Having enjoyed an early foray into the arts, Marie-Olga then married and gave birth to Laetitia Charriol, the youngest of the family. Marie-Olga decided to dedicate herself to family life, also taking care of her adolescent son and daughter. All the while, Marie-Olga closely supported her husband in his business ventures and played a key role in helping to organise and oversee important brand events. Most significantly, these included securing a partnership for the men’s polo team, launching the first Charriol perfume in Paris, creating the first-ever menswear catalogue in China and organising numerous fashion shows.

Marie-Olga’s loyalty and engagement with the brand runs deep – indeed, she was a fan of the brand before even meeting future husband, Philippe. Having worn Charriol jewellery and watches for over a decade, Marie-Olga is an ideal ambassador for the brand. It is thus fitting that Marie-Olga has found her natural role within the company. She has aspirations to take the feminine potential of the brand to its highest peak, going above and beyond the Charriol products to encompass a whole universe and way of being.

Marie-Olga primarily helps develop strategic promotional concepts for the brand, always founded on the values of glamour and femininity. It is with these principles that Marie-Olga successfully established the first ever Ladies Charriol Polo Cup.

Charriol Ladies Polo team and Marie-Olga Charriol
Marie-Olga Charriol and Charriol Polo team
(Rachel Hugues, Emmanuelle Morandi and Laurence Bonnardel)
winners of the CHARRIOL LADIES CUP at MEGEVE Polo Masters 2013

Madame Charriol defines her personal ambition as being “destined to support Philippe Charriol and his brand, which will celebrate 30 years in April 2013 at BaselWorld”. In this family-run business, it is touching to see that Philippe Charriol remains her pride and inspiration. “My husband is a visionary. He was in Hong Kong at a time when no one expected China to take off as it did. He chose the colour plum as our brand identifier before it became a hugely popular shade, and he took up motor racing to create a buzz around the brand. Philippe is original and embodies refinement, and it is an honour for me to be associated with these values. From the outset, my husband knew how to surround himself with an efficient, loyal, modern and dynamic team that shares his enthusiasmI‘m delighted to now officially join this team. »

Founder Philippe Charriol supports his wife’s entrance to the Maison. “Marie-Olga is discreet and refined. Furthermore, she is a talented woman with many ideas. I’ve always encouraged her to step into the spotlight at Charriol and find her place. Now she is at the heart of the company.”

Philippe Charriol and Marie-Olga Charriol
Philippe Charriol and Marie-Olga Charriol

Commenting on what it is like to work with members of his family, Philippe states. “I love working alongside my wife and children! My personal dreams are now fully realised.”

Under the watchful eye of Philippe, who encourages his wife to share her inventiveness and feminine vision of the brand, Marie-Olga is taking centre-stage and innovating in her own inimitable way. She is living by the motto of the brand, inspired to create her vision of ‘the art of living differently.’

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