Charriol is Synonymous with victory for Loris Baz!

Loris Baz, the young talented motorcycle rider, will soon be participating in the European Championship and world-renowned Bol d’Or. For these major competitions, he will proudly be sponsored by CHARRIOL – a brand with which he shares an enduring history.

Before he starts these races, we took the time to ask him about his career, his ambitions and his relationship with CHARRIOL…

What was your dream as a child?

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated with motorcycles. I appreciate the speed and the sensation they give! I had my first motorcycle race at the age of 8, followed by two years of motocross. I was fortunate enough to have strong support from my parents and from my coach, who believed that I could excel in the sport.


– How did you celebrate your first victory during the European Superstock 600 Championship at the age of 15?

My first victory was one of the strongest moments of my career! I had never won a race until then; I wondered at all if I had the capacity to gain a victory, especially since I was the youngest racer to drive a 1,000 cc motorcycle. This victory was a welcome relief and it helped solidify my will to pursue more victories.


What is your next challenge?

In 2012, I shall be present in all the races of the European Championship. I hope to gain a victory or at least a few podium positions.


– What is your favorite racing motorcycle?

I like my Yamaha R6, which I used during the 2008 championship.  It’s very easy to drive. I also appreciate the Kasawaki 1,000 cc, which I am going to use this year.  It’s fast and has enormous capabilities.


What is your state of mind during a race?

Since I was a child, I’ve always had “a chronometer in the head”; my objective was to succeed in accomplishing things in the fastest way. These challenges urged me to look for the best performance in terms of speed. Besides this, I constantly strive to improve and win.


Did you ever have a childhood idol?

I was always a big fan of Loris Capirossi, an Italian motorcycle racer. Since the age of 8, I always aspired to meet him and have his autograph. At the end of Capirossi’s career, during his last Grand Prix, he himself recognized me and came to greet me, because he had heard of my performances. It moved me and amused me at the same time!


With Charriolas your sponsor, are you bound to win your next races?

Yes, I associate Charriol as a brand with very good memories. For me Charriol is synonymous with victory! In 2008, I was already sponsored by Charriol and I won the European Championship then. I hope to obtain the same result this year.


– As both a driver and a racer, do you keep a constant eye on your watch?

At the moment I am wearing a Charriol Celtica. I’ve always been fascinated with watches, particularly mechanical watches which are built for precision . This aspect goes hand-in-hand with the motorcycle spirit; during races, it isn’t only a question of going fast to win, it’s necessary to drive with precision!


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