How to take care of your jewellery

Charriol-Divine-ringYour Charriol jewellery has been conceived to give you pleasure and reliability for a long time in normal use. To help you take care of your jewelry, Charriol recommends the following tips.

Since jewellery is a delicate and refined item, it should be worn and handled with care. Avoid direct contact with hard objects.

Many daily substances contain chemicals which could cause damage to your jewelry.

Take off your jewellery piece with a soft brush in cool water (never use hot) and lay them out to dry on a towel or with cool air by a hair dryer.

Regular cleaning and checking prolong the life of a jewellery piece. Bring the product to any Charriol boutique or service center every six months for complimentary cleaning.

Consult Charriol representative at boutique, corners or services centers for further advice.

Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is a natural fragile material. Avoid scratching or chipping with hard objects. It may cause irreperable damage to the jewellery.

Never let your MOP soak in hot or warm water, never wear it in the shower  and never under sunlight or spots light. It may cause jewellery parts to dismount and decolour.


Solid Gold / Silver

Avoid scratching with hard objects. It may cause the product to lose its shiny surface or to speed up oxidization.

Mainly daily substances contain chemicals which could cause damage to your jewellery. Take off your jewellery while putting on cosmetic, playing sports or cleaning with chemicals.

Rinse the jewellery piece with a soft brush in cool water every time after use. Soak  in jewellery cleaner or non-fragrance soap for better cleaning. Dry with a soft, lintless cloth.


Celtic cable (Gold-plated / Rhodium plated / Black Cable)

Even though the cable has a flexible design, do not over stretch it against opposite direction or stretch it in a certain position for a long time.

Avoid soaking in hot or warm water which may cause small metal (gold-plate or silver) parts to dismount and decolour.

Gold-plated and silver parts of the jewellery are not solid gold items, their colour would be subject to natural oxidation and change of weather and become tarnished or colour fading after certain duration of use or storage.

Black cable jewellery items, like cable bangle, are coated under PVD process, same as the other materials plating in gold and silver, its plating after a duration of use could fade. Do not scratch them on hard surface and avoid contact with salt-water, chemicals like soap, perfume on the coating surface.

The colour of the gold-plated, black-plated and silver parts could tarnish subject to human sweat.



Some of the Charriol 18kt gold wire necklaces are exceptionnally delicated due to their unique designs.

Do not use over-force to take off the necklace after use.

Do not roll up the wire chain. Properly place the necklace without bending it and let the necklace rest completely inside the pouch provided by Charriol.

Do not put any heavy items or hard surface onto the pouch as they might deform the necklace.

During the cleaning of the necklace, do not use the cloth to rub the necklace hard. Otherwise, its shape could deform eqsilly after rub.

it is advisable to bring your necklace for cleaning to any Charriol Boutique or service center.

Ask any Charriol representative for appropriate handling methods.




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