Forever Big Waves and Ocean

Charriol Forever Ocean bangles

Big Waves: an untamed style on the Ocean’s splash

As an essential source of inspiration for Coralie Charriol Paul, the ocean is inseparable from her passion for surfing and the feeling of freedom that her practice offers.

The wind and the spray on the face, the fingers caressing the wave at full speed, the breath, the effort and the concentration to fully experience the action.

Charriol Forever Big Waves

Memories and fun part of the ocean stamp the iconic blue colored steel cables of this Forever creation with their stylized moving silhouettes.

With this Big Wave bracelet, the Maison expresses the endless strength, wildness and beauty of the ocean.

Stand out from the rest, amongst the ocean’s splash!

Ocean : Keep to hand the ocean’s soul

In the depth of the ocean, strange and little-known species live together in total harmony. Coral reefs, sea horses, fishes or octopus play an incredible partition of natural treasures to preserve.

A wild and precious flora and fauna Charriol decided to celebrate with this Forever bracelet featuring their graphic silhouettes, linked as an endless chain of life.

Clear-blue PVD cables and polished steel offer their iconic Charriol frame to a trendy and stylized creation.

Symbolic and ethical, this bracelet spotlights a precious thousand-year-old balance together with the nobility and inspiring beauty of nature. A new expression of the Charriol spirit, values and signature, “L’Art de vivre la Différence”.

Forever Ocean tales

Take a journey to the future of style !

With its collection of evocative and figurative designs of the most symbolic species and natural symbols, the Maison Charriol offers them a timeless aesthetic and universal tribute. Polished steel brings out the delicate and graphic details, drawn up on colored steel cables bracelets.

In order to keep in mind and to hand, a little of our wild and fragile world.

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