Coralie Charriol Shares Her Thoughts On The Reopening of CHARRIOL Corner in Taipei

On the 7th of November, CHARRIOL reopened a newly renovated CHARRIOL Corner in the Mitsukoshi A8 Department Store. Top Taiwanese actress and model, Maggie Wu, was there and Coralie Charriol (daughter of Philippe Charriol and Artistic Director of the brand) honored the event with her attendanceā€¦

Did you enjoy being in Taiwan for the reopening of the Charriol Corner?

I was so thrilled to be back in Taiwan for the reopening of our corner at the Mitsukoshi A8 Department Store. It’s a place that I love; they really do have the best department stores. Louie Lin, who has been working with CHARRIOL for the past 25 years, embodies the DNA of the brand, and he knows how to launch a product. Like me, he is involved in his family business and has learned a lot from his father.

What were your impressions of the event?

CHARRIOL invited Maggie Wu, a pretty young “it” actress, to the launch party. She was so sweet! We spoke about the new collections as well as the Chevron concept, and how it’s the new cable for CHARRIOL. However, she was in love with the rose gold Saint Tropez. She said she loves “la vie en Rose” and loves France. I told her the only way to go to Paris is in love!

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