Coralie Charriol on the cover of Solitaire magazine – Asia Pacific Edition

Coralie Charriol Solitaire Magazine Inside Story 01

Coralie Charriol Solitaire Magazine Inside Story 01

Coralie Charriol graces the cover of Solitaire’s Summer 2012 issue in full charm, as she gives readers an insightful view into her life as a woman of the world.

Charriol’s very own darling muse takes a rare opportunity to pose as an international woman of style and shares her life story.

As she lets her guard down, we discover a woman of great strength and beauty, whose passion for life is an inspiration to all…


Extract . . .

CITIZEN of the World

 With an enviable social diary, an ongoing creative career, and her life’s role as wife and mother of two, Coralie Charriol balances her full schedule with glamour and poise. by Melissa Pearce

As a busy mother of two young children, entrepreneur, and creative director for the Geneva-based brand her father, Philippe, founded, Coralie Charriol has her hands full most days. Yet she’s a picture of poise, tackling her designing and parenting duties with ease while still finding time for philanthropy through her not-for-profit initiative React To Film.

Coralie joined the family business, Charriol Jewellery in 2002, starting with communications and PR, organizing events, and eventually moving on to directing the house’s jewellery, watch and accessory lines.

An art history graduate who collects photography from renowned photojournalists like Bill Brandt and Henri Cartier-Bresson, it’s no surprise Coralie enjoys overseeing brand image activities like campaign shoots, catalogues and visual merchandising.

The jewellery house’s 2012 theme, “French Affair,” was inspired by film noir’s mystery and it joins interpretations of Charriol’s classic timepieces Celtica, Celtic, St Tropez, and Rotonde, and the Butterfly and Divine jewellery collections. With each launch, Coralie has proven her skill at playing with symbols, none more enduring than the brand’s signature cable motif as inspired by Celtic torque necklaces.

“Lasting beauty inspires me,” says Coralie. “I love patterns, bold lines, simple shapes.” Yet referencing symbols of antiquity, she imparts a youthful twist, whether that is a stripped-back modern elegance or a playful use of vibrant gemstones. Her joie de vivre drives her to light up her work day and her customers’ wardrobes, while her pragmatic, approachable side seeks to create timeless designs that truly serves a woman in the different roles she plays in her life.

“My father is a wonderful boss. He’s always believed in youth and never puts an idea down, but you have to figure it out. He believes in connections and communication, in a product that makes a statement. He is a philosopher: nothing is ever bad, everything can be fixed and it’s better to do something even not well than not do anything. He believes in making things, adding beauty to the world”.

What of her own strengths in the Charriol team? “I am young and have a connection to the woman consumer who we are focused on creating for.”

And a natural saleswoman: “I can sell you the shirt off your back, I can talk to everyone, I can make you laugh, I can inspire people.”

Whether she is designing for Charriol or c.lili, there are elements of the Charriol cachet that will always be evident in her work: “The work will be stylish, conceptual, sleek, simple, sexy, and feminine.”

What does she have in store for the brand’s third decade celebrations in 2013? The animal lover, who collects elephant figurines, mentions she is working on a snake collection.

“It’s my Chinese sign and next year is the year of the snake.” It’s not hard to imagine the line will be fittingly dramatic for the auspicious year. And the classic snake attributes couldn’t be more apt for its creator, who describes herself as a “yes” girl’ and who likes to take on a challenge: charm, excellent manners and a desire to be in control.

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