Coralie Charriol Designs New Ultra-Feminine Collections


With butterflies, flowers and other natural themes as leading trends for jewelry and fashion this 2012, Coralie Charriol has created two new ultra-feminine collections with natural motifs.

The first collection named “Butterfly”, was designed for women looking to add a free-spirited touch to their personal style. This collection captures the beauty of the butterfly: a delicate creature which has come to symbolize the soul and rebirth. The second collection, “Divine”, features a star motif that takes root in the heavens. The strength of this eternal symbol, the star, dons eternal radiance and beauty to the wearer.

According to Coralie Charriol, she gains personal inspiration for her designs from “travel, friends, women, and magazines” and that “each collection has its own story to tell”.

“The story begins with a memory, a meeting, an impression, or a motive that I particularly like in fashion magazines, design or art exhibitions. Then, I work on a more symbolic aspect, trying to find what this collection means or could mean for people who will wear it,” explains the brand’s Creative Director.

Having cultivated her artistic flair during her design studies, Coralie Charriol also managed to garner a strong knowledge in stones, diamonds, and gems thanks to further studies at the Gemology Institute of America in New York. Through the use of silver, titanium, and steel in her new collections, she has been able to create stylish designs and decors inspired by these current trends.

According to her: “This year, trends are characterized by alternative materials in jewelry such as gold and silver. You can mix and pile it on to produce a contrasting effect”. Coralie Charriol also reworked the cable, Charriol’s patented signature concept, and used it as a design element which pays respect to the brand’s Celtic heritage.

Both the Butterfly and Divine collections are comprised of the celtic cable, as can be seen on the bangles, rings and necklaces. As a key representation of Charriol’s brand identity, the cable has become a best-seller worldwide, appreciated for its numerous qualities of being soft, flexible and durable.

With these new collections, Coralie Charriol wisely uses the latest fashion trends while preserving the identity of Charriol, a brand that’s on the cusp of celebrating its 30th anniversary!

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