Charriol SF10 racing car by Yacouba



Philippe Charriol is no stranger to racetracks.  His passion for speed courses deep through his veins.  And as active as he is at the helm of his company, he is just as active behind the wheel of a racecar…

Experience says it all: he has competed in numerous races including the Andros Trophy, Ventury Trophy, Philippe Charriol SuperSports Trophy, FIA and French Formula 3 Championships, Touring Cup and lately the VdeV – all in a Charriol race car.

The latest generation Charriol car is as unique as it is bespoke – specially designed by the hands of French designer, Yacouba Galle, for Philippe Charriol and Philippe Charriol only.  Agile, light and nimble – thanks to its powerful 7-litre Corvette engine – the Charriol SF 10 Yacouba is a beast to be reckoned with.

Discover all the steps that led to its creation from concept to reality.

Yacouba’s website:

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