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Sometimes, good news get lost in the shuffle. That's why the monthly newsletters will be transcribed on our official Charriol blog.
Good News Charriol Gem Geneve

Charriol showcased the Fil D’Or collection this May at GemGeneve, aalongside globally renowned gemology and jewellery professionals and enthusiasts. The Geneva-based trade show is created by exhibitors and is open to the public, making it a genuine hub of creativity for prestigious designers, emerging talents, and audiences alike.

Good News Coralie Charriol in Vogue Magazine latin america and Mexico

Coralie Charriol was featured for the 2nd time in Vogue Latin America and Vogue Mexico,, which described her as a mother, jeweller and CEO continuing the legacy of the empire founded by her dad. Vogue highlights some Charriol products, including St-TropezTM 30mm and 18kt gold Fil d’Or double hoops, alongside some styling ideas. You can find our article about the St-Tropez Hibiscus by clicking HERE.

Good News Coralie Charriol in Milestone

Milestone, a globally renowned business magazine has produced an extensive article about the brand’s future plans. Read on to see what it took to get thru the global pandemic.

Good News charriol spotted on the Oprah Daily

Finally, Charriol was spotted on the Oprah Daily’s “The O List” Mother’s Day Special Edition. It was the infinity Zen necklace that stole the spotlight, being suggested as a special gift idea for a mother or a daughter. Find out article presenting the infinity zen collection by clicking HERE.

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