CHARRIOL is trending itself with the Jacket Pins Collection


The comeback of the Pins among the “must have” of men’s accessories did not escape the Maison Charriol, which devotes to them in 2019 its Jacket Pins’ Collection. Dedicated to urban dandies who like to display on their lapel, tie or scarf a touch of originality and offbeat elegance that instantly gives style to their look. An accessory in the mood of time that women will not hesitate to multiply and associate to upgrade their silhouette. And offer their outfits a bit of that symbolic spice of “the art of living the difference”, signature of the Charriol brand.

Express your passions with the Jacket Pins Collection

Rather sailing or more like golf? Rather racehorse or horses under the hood? More like head in the clouds or feet in the vines? Whatever your preferences, claim them with the different models from the Jacket Pins Collection. Reflecting Philippe Charriol’s multiple passions and commitments, from women’s polo sponsorship to the glamorous Saint Tropez universe and racing competitions, they will accompany your outings by sliding on your lapels light aesthetic winks that will say a lot about your own passions.

Make all the difference with one of the 12 silver and steel cable’s models in the Jacket Pins Collection from Charriol. Subtle and complex elements added to your outfit, they allow you to perfect your look by adding a modern twist that works in perfect synergy with your other accessories – wristband, watch or belt – from the House’s lines.

Versatile, light, playful and full of fantasy, make it a collection!

The Charriol woman pins them to her accessories collection!

Always a bit rock and transgressive, the Charriol woman shows her difference by multiplying the Jackets Pins stung in her man’s locker room to take a step ahead of the trend. Sown asymmetrically on a tailor’s jacket to shake up its classicism, in delicate punctuations on a cashmere sweater or jeans pocket or why not, on a beret or fedora, they sign a silhouette that masters the “art of difference”. So Charriol!


Materials Silver 925, Stainless steel cable

Collection 12 pins


Saint-Tropez: sailboat, tiller, anchor, vine and polo

SuperSports: car, plane, badge, sports badge

Dandy: monocle, long-haul flight and treble clef

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