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Charming, suave, and perfectly embodying everything wonderfully French – Philippe Charriol is a multi-faceted and very humorous man. “I’m a true citizen of the world,” he exclaims with a grin on his face. Having travelled the world and lived in different corners for extended periods of time, his children were all born in Hawaii – evidence
of which can be seen in their middle names.
“Each of my children’s names means something in Hawaiian,” he explains.

Once upon a time, Mr. Charriol helped with the building of Cartier, “I’ve been in the watch and jewelry business for a very long time – don’t ask how long,” he laughs. Many years later, Charriol was born and hasn’t stopped growing since. Staying true to their unique ethos – Charriol continues to be one of the leading watchmakers in the world offering the wearer a distinctive style.

Inspiration came in the form of an ancient art. While in London, Mr. Charriol visited the British Museum only to find his revelation deep inside one of the exhibitions. Determined to find something new and different, he’s drawn inspiration from the Celtic arts. Incorporating a modernized approach of steel cable into all his designs, the Charriol watch has become a symbol of unique and subtle elegance. Through that, his need to create something new that stands out has been met. “You see,” he points at his watch, “Charriol watches can be spotted from a distance, you never need to ask what the watch’s brand is,” smiling.

According to Mr. Charriol, the watch might not be an heirloom of sorts, but it is true a representation of “making a statement.” And as a designer with a distinct style, Mr. Charriol aspires to always being different – both personally and professionally.
Initially, the watches were thought to cater to the male market due to the steel cabled nature of the bands. He was quickly proven wrong as women sought out the coveted design regardless of the design’s gender orientation.

From there it became apparent that the Charriol client is daring – always a trendsetter and never a follower. While the world is moving towards a more digitized realm, Mr. Charriol believes that he’s in the market to sell style over technology. “You won’t see a Charriol digital watch,” he explains, “I’m leaving it up to the client to decide whether they’re after style or digital.”

Ringing true on many levels, the Charriol watch is known for it’s self-marketing skills. “People seek out our designs,” Mr. Charriol smiles, “sales representatives never need to bring our watches to their attention.”
Distinctly branded, the Charriol brand speaks volumes through their image and style. With the brand’s bold color choice they standout amidst their peers with this rich and “difficult to imitate” color.

Currently and exclusively, the Charriol watches and accessories can be found at any of the Trafalgar stores across Kuwait. A true marriage between two style connoisseurs, this partnership will be bringing Kuwait the latest releases from the coveted Charriol range. Lastly, when asked how the brand’s name came to be he laughingly exclaimed,
“You launch a name and hope, that one day, it becomes a brand.”

Make a statement and be the envy of any gathering by heading to your nearest Trafalgar shop to check out the latest stunning Charriol releases.
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