Charriol celebrates the Crazy Love


With a “heart stroke” collection for the Valentine Day

Crazy in Love Again“, the new collection of Charriol for the Valentine’s Day 2019, is a line of jewels that pays tribute to the Celtic femininity, passionate, daring and plural – which is at the heart of the jewelry creations of the brand since 1983.

Dedicated to “The Art of living the difference”, it daringly conjugates the symbolic hearts and arrows dear to Cupid; “Crazy in Love Again” upsets and capsizes them, to add a transgressive and ultra trendy touch to this collection, imbued with a touch of creative extravaganza, which is the brand’s signature identity.

A collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, combining white topaz, rhodium silver 925 and steel cables. Dedicated to the eternal and contemporary lovers. Crazy of original, refined and in tune with the times’ jewelry, to express to their partner how they are “Crazy in Love Again” in this February 14, 2019.

« Crazy in Love Again » Collection

The art of Living the Difference through daring jewelry

“Crazy in Love Again” is obviously a jewelry’s collection that talks about Love. And which, to express it, -whether for the first time or to renew the passion with maestria-, reinterprets the famous hearts and arrows by combining them in a daring complementarity. The theme of love is expressed through the ballet of these two universal symbols, in a line of jewels that plays symmetry and asymmetry.

« Crazy in Love Again » sublimates women’s wrists

The bangles, -made of twisted steel cable, emblematic of Charriol’s brand -, offer their subtle touch of masculinity to ultra-feminine jewelry punctuated by set white topaz hearts and arrows that wind around the wrists.

For their part, the silver bracelets are seduced by the originality of the charms, always in the theme of hearts and arrows. And compose chic and trendy duets with the steel cable, which comes to underline their delicate stitches. The alliance of strength and sweetness. Finally, a unique model of Toggle seals, with an arrow through a twisted ring, the collection of bracelets “Crazy in Love Again”. So symbolic…

Impossible to desire only one of them … So, play the accumulation of these delicate declarations of love by associating them for a trendy and ultra-glamorous effect.

« Crazy In Love Again » puts the ring on her finger

Why choose between the two models of rings that wind around her fingers with twisted steel and white topaz? Why choose between the arrow and the heart? Why choose to wear only one ring? Let yourself be carried away by the passion of the accumulation and put the ring on several fingers. As the saying goes, when you love you do not count.

 « Crazy In Love Again » earrings: more than a pair… a couple

In the” Crazy in Love Again” collection, the earrings unveil a new love partition with elegance and modernity. 3 out of 4 models in the range play asymmetry. Each loop is unique. A mesh pendant echoes an ear nail or embellishes a pair of hearts and arrows that respond themselves by framing the face. Slightly transgressive but so seductive and ultimately so fascinating in their symbolic of love: more than a pair, a couple.

 « Crazy in Love Again » collection throws itself on her neck

The necklaces of the line compete with seduction and refinement. There are fluid silver chains with asymmetrical and elaborate meshes, extended with crimped pendants that find their place in the hollow of the neck. And the Lyriats whose particularity is to have no clasp or fastener. And yet, by passing one end of the chain, prolonged by charms, through a ring, the union is made, the link is affirmed. Each of them is an ode to a love of freedom and engagement.

The cable, the femininity and Charriol

A love story since 1983

Iconic and recurring theme, the steel cable, present in every Charriol’s creation, both rebellious and sophisticated, embodies “the art of living the difference”, like the Celtic culture and femininity, more than ever of a timeless modernity.

Queens, druidesses, fairies or goddesses, Celtic women expressed qualities of strength, independence and intelligence of a great contemporaneity well before the Christian era.

Far from passivity, both protective mothers, passionate lovers, political advisers and formidable fighters, the complexity of their soul and heart has inspired many legends of love, spirituality and freedom.

Breadcrumb of the Charriol collections, obviously present in the collection “Crazy In Love Again”, how not to see in their tendrils and volutes, in their stunning curves of metal twisted with 3 or 4 branches, the evocation of a womanity so intense that it becomes indomitable. And capsizes hearts. By touching them, for centuries, with an immortal arrow.

Coralie Charriol-Paul

Artistic creator of the “Crazy in Love Again” collection

For 19 years, Coralie Charriol-Paul has been the artistic creator of the brand. And the perfect incarnation of this Celtic woman, both free, engaged, complex, passionate and rigorous. “Crazy in Love Again” since always, composing with her New-York way of life, her husband and her 3 children, her design and realization work of Charriol collections.

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