Celtic “torque” by CHARRIOL, 25 years of success

CHARRIOL has become famous for its watches and jewelry that  is freely inspired by the Celtic “torque” adornments and composed of cables.

The driving concept of the brand is the “Celtic” cable look. However, behind the cable design lies the ancient European history of the Celtic civilization. Their delicate artistic talent, magnificent craftsmanship, and skills in gold smithing and crafting inspired the brand owner, Mr. Philippe Charriol, to create a modern interpretation of their art. Drawing from this inspiration, he created a collection of luxury and exclusive watches, jewelry, writing instruments, eyewear, and leather goods, and named it the “Celtic” collection.

The “Celtic” concept and the brand owner’s philosophy towards life, “L’art de vivre la difference,” translated as “the art of living the difference,” were embraced by people who wanted to share the same experience and philosophy of life.

People that mix tradition and modernity, sobriety and brightess love CHARRIOL.
This Celtic collection has inspired many people, not only thanks to its philosophy but also its art. This is something that many people are still attracted to.  CHARRIOL continues to reinvent and perpetuate Celtic art and this is what has given them their success. A CHARRIOL piece is an emblem. The pieces are modern and stylish. The cable becomes a fashion accessory, a must have style. It can be simple, with diamonds or other precious stones.

The tradition is also reflected in how to make each piece part of the collection. Celtic watches are decorated with six such strands of steel entwined and composed of 2000 wires of twisted steel.

So we understood, Celtic art is the real pillar on which CHARRIOL is built.
The collection has been a succes for 25 years, and this year we celebrate its fourth generation.

This collection features watches, jewelry and accessories that prove once again that CHARRIOL continue a longstanding tradition, but that they at the same time manage to reinvent this tradition.


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