The French Riviera hosts every year in May the International Film Festival. The 72th edition took place as usual in the Festival Palace, surrounded by mythic hotels and guided by the beautiful “Croisette” promenade.  

All worldwide eyes turn in the heart of spring to Cannes which becomes for twelve days the mythic place of the “seventh art”, where stars, talents and glamour converge each evening at sunset.  

Go up the red carpet and 24 steps of the Festival Palace is now symbolic in itself. They offer a unique and ephemeral platform to express an incredible cocktail of talent, showoff, glittering and success for each invitee.  

During this 72th edition, from the 14 to the 25th of may 2019, CHARRIOL watches and Jewelry pieces adorned hands, wrists and necks of some of famous and awarded actresses, models and animators. Among them the Caesarized actress Kenza Fortas, Mexican actress Patricia Contreras, French actresses Joséphine Jobert and Nadege Beausson Diagne, Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser, Miss Ile-de-France 2018 Lison Di Martino and Miss Europe France 2018 Agatha Maksimova.

Among the Charriol collections that shined of the red carpet this year, The Twist watch wrapping around the wrist like a jewel added a last but not least touch of splendor and style to the Christophe Guillarme‘s haute-couture dresses of our brands’ friends.

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