BASELWORLD 2013 : CHARRIOL joins Top Exhibitors in new Hall 1.1 – Booth E17



A full range of novelties will be on display at BaselWorld 2013, showcased in a dazzling booth that expresses the DNA of the brand whilst underlining its exhilarating and energetic new direction. This exclusive environment is the perfect location in which to welcome CHARRIOL’s latest and long-standing distributors, together with international press. These visitors can witness CHARRIOL exuberantly bringing the ‘Art of living the difference’ to life.

CHARRIOL is vigorously pursuing a new strategic direction, as 2013 marks the 30-year anniversary of the brand.

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The Maison’s energetic campaign will be rolled out across the company and comprises an expanded sales network, enhanced digital communications, the opening of several ‘fifth-generation’ boutiques, and a significant push to create more product presentation materials. This series of significant changes demonstrate CHARRIOL’s commitment to even greater levels of expertise and elegance. A rebranded website, set to be revealed on the first day of BaselWorld 2013, will complement CHARRIOL’s online strategy and showcase the Maison’s growing portfolio.

CHARRIOL is also delighted to announce several significant new product lines, within the premium and entry-level collections. Two notable collections include ‘AEL’ (meaning ‘Angel’, in Celtic), a women’s watch that boasts pure lines and an uncluttered, elegant allure. AEL is designed as a contemporary piece for younger fans of the brand.

2013 also sees a range of novelties for the premium lines, including variants within the COLVMBVS range. Men’s and women’s extensions within this collection showcase increased levels of technicity for the brand, seen in 3 complicated movements for men watch, together with the COLVMBUS ™ Lady Automatic.

 The brand continues to revisit and reinterpret its signature cable icon, whilst strengthening its design offer by including non-braided motifs, which add variety to the range.

Energy and innovation, audacity and elegance: in this, its 30th year, CHARRIOL continues to uphold its founding values whilst displaying resilience and differentiation in the fine luxury goods sector.


Meet us at BASELWORLD in Hall 1.1 Booth E17: CONTACT US

Visit our online PRESS LOUNGE : click here

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