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The trend for bracelets, cuffs and bangles is here to stay, and the bangle has become every woman’s staple accessory. Add a personal touch to shirts, blazers, work-wear and beautiful evening dresses with our stackable, collectable BANGLEMANIA designs.
All these contemporary bracelets are designed by CHARRIOL’s New York-based Creative Director, Coralie Charriol-Paul who, with her understanding of what modern women want, offers fabulous ways to wear these versatile styles, as she explains: “I personally love bracelets, and the trend for stackable, personalised jewellery is here to stay. By mixing and matching these pieces, women can create their own signature style, whether they prefer a statement cuff from Forever Young, or my delicate intricate Tango designs: they can be a rock-chick or romantic, depending on their mood!”
Twists and cables, torques and cuffs, coloured or monochrome, wrapped with wires or plainly elegant, adorned with stones or embellished with hearts and clasps, slim or broad, there are six variants to choose from in a spectrum of tones, including silver, bronze, black and gold.
Pair them, stack them or wear them singly: be amazed at how seamlessly and stylishly these bangles blend!


Our new ‘Brilliant’ bracelet and ring collection sees multicolored strands of the iconic CHARRIOL cables captured with a dazzling silver and diamond clasp. Taking our cable motif to new heights, these sophisticated pieces are just at home with relaxed day-wear or on a sophisticated night out. Steel cables are contrasted with the colors of the CHARRIOL gold trilogy – yellow, pink, white and black PVD, creating shimmering, elegant accessories that make a statement.


Our Creative Director, Coralie Charriol-Paul has taken the essence of the CHARRIOL house, the twisted cable motif, and worked it into a fashionable ‘torque’ bangle style and matching rings in a multitude of colors. The CELTIC® emblem is a long-standing motif of the house, inspired by the early arts and crafts of the ancient Celtic people. Now, crafted from steel, bronze, black, pink or yellow-plated gold PVD, in monochrome or two-tone shades, the CELTIC® bangles see finely twisted cables finished with a smooth, jewel-like semi-precious stone or matching steel or colored end-piece – a wholly contemporary take on a highly original design. Perfect to pair with any of the CHARRIOL watches, these are ideal for this season’s mix and match jewelry trend and uphold CHARRIOL’s trilogy of blended, colored golds.



Evoking a fairytale-meets-rock mood, these new colored bangles and rings are framed by rose gold or black, in rainbow shades that echo the urban-folk trends that continue to populate the runways. One of CHARRIOL’s most popular jewellery lines, the Forever Young bangles come in a narrow cuff style, and the fresh new shades add a dash of French chic to any outfit.



For an edgier look, bracelets with a black frame provide a canvas for bright cables in fuchsia, cobalt blue, pistachio green or charcoal in what is our most modern interpretation yet of our signature motif. Small CHARRIOL insignia in rose gold or black discs add a final sophisticated stamp to these stackable bracelets.



Introducing a very personal collection from CHARRIOL jewellery designer Coralie Charriol-Paul, Mouni is inspired by the nickname given to her loved ones. Delicate and sweet, Mouni introduces a new way of using CHARRIOL’s steel cable that is thinner and more refined, proving the endless versatility of this iconic motif. Made up of rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces, girls and daughters, friends, wives and mothers will be won over by Mouni’s sweet style, and its abundance of pretty hearts, that lends a truly romantic feel. Be inspired by Mouni to start a precious story for your own loved ones.

ST-TROPEZ™ Club 55

The popularity and femininity of CHARRIOL’s iconic St-Tropez™ watch line has given rise to our new St-Tropez™ jewelry collection, in the same glamorous spirit as the timepieces. The essential elements of the St-Tropez™ design – the cable strap with décors and chain bracelet – are worked into truly sophisticated bangles and rings. When rings come in a slim twisted single cable accessorized with a pretty chain bracelet, bangles come also in a broader, four-cable cuff design. All of these versions feature elegant white or black lacquer décors. Colors come in a pallet of pink gold, black and silver. Each piece makes a perfect partner to the St-Tropez™ watches, or work as a stand-alone statement that embodies all the style of this chic French resort.


Entwined like two lovers on the dance floor, Tango takes its inspiration from the passionate Latin dance, represented here in an intricate embrace of gold-plated cables, sparkling stones and contemporary hammered silver wires. These intricate handcrafted pieces are embellished with exquisite yellow, green and red stones, which add flashes of colors, like a flamboyant tango gown. Wear the ensemble of earrings, pendant necklace, ring and bracelet together for a glamorous look, or singly to add a dash of dramatic interest.

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