A Love Story : Coup de foudre

Coup de foudre bangle collection

Episode I

Every love tells a story. From the first furtive glance to the final embrace, love unfolds in verses, each act leading to the next. Flirtations become foundations, caresses become commitments and, if you’re lucky, a bit of sparkle and gold
will commemorate every step along the way.

Our 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection pays homage to the romantic arrangement at the heart of enduring love – three collections that tell the tale of a love story; starting at infatuation, traveling the windy road of passionate lust, and, finally, arriving at deep and enduring devotion.

Coup de froudre bangle black

Lighting strikes quickly and with purpose; a brush of recognition surges into an earthquake of emotion. Coup de Foudre captures the spark of an instant connection, an infinite loop of twisted cable expressing the unshakable force of
Cupid’s arrow. The symbolic thread of the bangle is woven through figurative binds offered in two varieties – plump hearts or squarish magnets. The combination captures the duality inherent in the experience of early love; his
and hers, yin and yang, a polarity that expresses the immediate magnetism of love at first sight.

coup de foudre bangle rose gold and black PVD
coup de foudre bangle black PVD

Technical features:

Coup de Foudre bangle


Stainless steel, stainless steel cable,

Rose gold and yellow gold PVD treatment


Rose PVD Décor & stainless steel cable

Steel Décor & Black PVD cable

Yellow PVD Décor & stainless steel cable

Rose PVD Décor & Black PVD cable


S to XL (15.5cm to 18.5cm)

Dimension of the Décor : 9.5(W) x 8.6(H) mm


165CHF to 210CHF

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