Beirut’s International Women Film Festival (BWFF) was a successful night. This event showcases amazing women -actresses and producers, starring in prodigious roles and producing fabulous movies. In a place where feminism can be taboo, we are so happy to have represented their hard work through this award.

The President of the festival and film maker Mr. Sam Lahoud and the actress Julia Kassar

Charriol’s core is about making women feel great. Our Charriol Woman is strong, ambitious, independent, and is able to balance all the worlds in one: being a caring mother, a loving wife, and a strong independent lady at work.

Through this incredible event proving how women can direct and show to the world sensitive subjects such as gender equality, sexual identity, domestic violence and many more, we are pushing Charriol’s boundaries in supporting femininity.


The BWFF was celebrated under the patronage of Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz, the president of the Lebanese National Higher Committee of Women Affairs, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs, the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism. And this is why, CHARRIOL is proud to be part of these highly important organizations.

Many women received a Charriol price for their hard work in different fields within the cinema – from actresses to producers to judges, which is why we would like to thank them all as one powerful woman: the Charriol Woman.
Charriol is now looking forward to our next event promoting such great causes.

[Prize recipients] Elham Chahine, Moshira farouk, Kamla Bouzekri, Nahed Sebaii, Carole abboud, Rose Marie Chahine, Svetlana parshina, Malak Dahmouni, Dima Geagea, Lina Khoury, Diamand Bou Abboud, Alexia Roider, Julia Kassar, Mona Hallab, Cherine Sakr, Bruna Tohme, Paula Palacios, Meryem Dahmouni, Nadia Gholam, Patricia Elias Smida, Rita Saade, Ray Bassil, Helene Nasr.