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From a little girl’s dream and a little support from her mother, Mary Ann Garcia Agajanian, a proud Graduate from Punlaan School who always wished to attend an institution to become a stewardess, was introduced to Miss Clarisse, who sponsored her through her goals.
This school was created by a group of housewives in the 1970s, and started as a school for helpers. When it was founded, it was the first technical training school offering culinary, dining service, and housekeeping courses for young students, housewives and helpers. Today, it is a multi-awarded school providing training a dual scholarship program for hospitality and culinary arts, for the hotels and restaurant industries.
FPTI is a non-profit organisation that provides formal education and vocational courses for women through its own schools and centres, including its flagship school, Punlaan, which offers training in hospitality and culinary arts. It has helped many women to overcome hardship and fulfil their dreams.
This year, the school leads to a new chapter as it introduces the K-to-12 Educational Reform. As it becomes globally competitive, the school plans to build new infrastructures to accommodate new students. For this, the school needs support.

Mr Philippe Charriol, congratulating one of the honoured students

In line with the graduation season, the Luxury Brand Charriol came up with an initiative. The Watch Me Graduate Campaign was then born, to support women within education. For the Campaign, Charriol donated P1000 for every timepiece sold in any of its Charriol Branches, nationwide between March to May 2017. The benefits were then used to fund the education of the students. The luxury brand continues its partnership with FPTI to provide life-long development for women by conducting formal education and vocational programs through its managed schools and centres. Last year’s campaign gave hope and renewed the spirits of students who went through different hardships and challenges but still wanted to continue their journey to reach their dreams.

CHARRIOL Forever bracelets

CHARRIOL made headlines in the Philippines throughout the 2017 graduation season with ‘Watch Me Graduate’, a global initiative to promote women’s education.
Charriol is a company established by Philippe Charriol, a French Entrepreneur. Always inspired by women, he dedicated them a luxury watch and jewellery brand. The Philippines has been an important market for the brand. Charriol wants to give back to women by promoting and supporting their endeavours in various fields such as politics, arts and sports.

CHARRIOL Forever watches

This women empowerment was inspired by his wife, Marie-Olga Charriol, PR manager, who makes sure each woman in the institution internationally, in Monaco, Paris, Switzerland or anywhere in the world, is supported and pushed through opportunities. And this is why the maison is delighted to have been able to support the fantastic work of FPTI and remain committed to helping women build a brighter future through education.

Mr Philippe Charriol CEO of the CHARRIOL Brand

Charriol has always captured women with its timeless and elegant watches –particularly with the St Tropez Jewellery collection, it was only natural to encourage and support them reach their dreams. Having those young ladies under the brand’s “watch” was the best way to celebrate their success.


Mr Philippe Charriol CEO of the CHARRIOL Brand
Mr Philippe Charriol, congratulating one of the honoured students
Watches CHARRIOL Forever
Mr Philippe Charriol with his graduands.
Bracelets CHARRIOL Forever

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