This video shows Charriol artisans in Switzerland manufacturing the brand’s iconic twisted cable bracelets. 100% Swiss Made, the cables, typically made from stainless steel, are all crafted by hand.

Each cable is the result of Charriol’s unique savoir-faire. The cables are made from fine strands of steel and titanium – a metal typically used in the medial industry, and valued for its non-allergenic qualities. Each miniscule strand, the width of human hair, is plaited, becoming ever more robust with each twist.

Once the individual cables are created, metal workers in Charriol’s ateliers in Switzerland first cut the cables to size, before cleaning and grinding the metal and soldering the ends. Each piece is then cleaned again before being sealed and heated for malleability. The finished product is then electro-polished, which renders each piece hypoallergenic.

Used in Charriol watches and jewellery, the cable design is chic and comfortable, and will always keep its shape.