Stronger together: BRAIDED collection




Charriol Creative Director, Coralie Charriol Paul has harnessed the skills of Swiss artisan jewellers to revisit the signature twisted cable motif of this Swiss watch and jewellery house into a new braided jewellery line.

The braid is a universally recognized pattern that traditionally symbolizes strength, as the strands become stronger when woven together. The intertwined repeat signifies togetherness and everlastingness. Much used in sailing, the plaits’ resemblance to knots pays tribute to Charriol’s fascination with the sea and nautical motifs.

“I have always loved braids, whether they are in my hair, in textiles, or in everyday objects; there is something so familiar, so comforting, and also so youthful about them. I love to keep CHARRIOL jewelry lines fresh but I always use classic motifs because we all love what we know.”

Crafted from plaited strands of steel, the Braided collection includes bangles and rings, worked in a slim design for men and a broader style for women. Each piece is handcrafted into a flat weave that shows the simple beauty of this wearable design.

Finished with silver clasps that display the Charriol logo, these braids offer a reinterpretation of Charriol’s twisted Celtic motif, drawing upon a similarly universal and ancient design.

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