Those two strong words are the core of what CHARRIOL supports. It is a brand for her to make her feel empowered through our jewellery.

So why are they more special today? Because we are proud to support Beirut’s International Women Film Festival. This amazing event showcases our amazing women, starring in prodigious roles and producing prodigious movies. Their aim is to highlight the power of women through different situation, who made positive influence and impact in their environment and took the Lebanese cinema industry to a different level, and this is what CHARRIOL does through our jewellery.

The festival also takes on different issues such as, gender equality, sexual identity and domestic violence and many more, among other through the deep power of the camera lens. As soon as “Action” is announced, our powerful women act in the defence of these crucial, yet still taboo matters.

The BWFF will be celebrated under the patronage of Mrs. Claudine Aoun Roukoz, the president of the Lebanese National Higher Committee of Women Affairs, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Women Affairs, the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism and in partnership with Hivos organization and Grand Cinemas. And this is why, CHARRIOL is proud to be part of this incredible event.

Encouraging the artistic innovations, and strengthening the film industry in Lebanon and the Arab world through this opportunity to empower women, is something CHARRIOL is proud and honoured to support.