Charriol Partners with the Romy-Schneider & Patrick-Dewaere Price 2018


Charriol is honoured to participate the Romy-Schneider & Patrick-Dewaere for this 2018 edition.

The price has been attributed every year since 1984 to a comedian, future star of the French Big Screen. The name of this price comes from a homage to a German-French comedian, Romy-Schneider, who passed in 1982. For the masculine price, the event is honouring Patrick Dewaere, an incredible French Actor, who passed in 1982.



For 4 years now, Charriol has been pleased to have supported these artists who are enlightening the French screens with their talents, by giving to the winners prices of our own. Thanks to the importance of the event, which saw French Comedians become top stars at the rise of their careers, such as Fabrice Luchini or Christine Boisson, we are pleased to announce that this year’s selection will be tight.


Only uniquely talented artists have been selected. It will be quite difficult to choose the two winners in June for the final. For the Patrick-Dewaere price, our men nominees will be Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Vacaigne and Nahuel Perez Biscayart who received the Cesar for the best potential talent.


Let’s of course note the talented contestants of this edition of the Romy-Schneider price: Camelia Jordana, known at first for her amazing musical talent, as the singer of her famous song “Non, Non, Non”, who shifted to cinema and her incredible performance in her latest movie “Le Brio”. But let’s also mention this new talent Adeline d’Hermy, for her performance in the movie “Marilyne”. The last nominee will be Laetitia Dosh, the new brilliant star of the movie “Gaspard va au mariage”.

The final price attribution will be set in June, where Marie-Olga Charriol will be extremely proud to distribute to our winners parts of our soul and making them part of the CHARRIOL Family. Supporting arts and up and coming stars is something CHARRIOL’S core is proud to hold.
We wish, to the future winner, and to all the participants, the best of luck in their career, and for them to shine within the cinema stars.

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