Charriol and the Switzers: An Elite Force



Charriol are pleased to now officially announce their sponsorship of local Rubgy Sevens club, the Geneva-based Switzers. This proud and talented squad is boldly pursuing the relatively young sport of Rugby Sevens, a more fast-paced, stripped down version of the usual game. The new variant features two seven-a-side teams (instead of the usual 15) playing on the same large scaled rugby pitch, and skill and speed reign supreme. Now recognized as an Olympic sport, the game will be represent at the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Charriol Communication Director Christian Gosteli displays the new kit with Switzers’ President, Gianni di Martino.

Rugby Sevens is now well represented around the world and local team the Switzers, based in the hometown of CHARRIOL’s headquarters, are rapidly making a name for themselves in the international arena. This small and mighty force, headed up by Captain Pierre Giffard, and President, Gianni di Martino, only formed in 2010. However, their power and dedication is helping them rise the ranks: the Switzers won the 40th edition of the 2014 Neuchatel Sevens, establishing their top position in Swiss Rugby Sevens league. Internationally,they recently played against top national teams (France, Italy) including the Roma 7’s and the South Africa Springboks, who came third in the last world championships.

• Charriol’s Gran Celtica SuperSportS watch echoes the spirit of Geneva’s Rugby Seven Switzers: high-performance, robust and always ready for a new challenge.

It is this grit, determination and flair that inspired CHARRIOL to team up with the squad, engaging in a partnership agreement set to cover several seasons. In line with the team’s existing violet livery, Charriol are sponsoring the team’s kit and closely supporting their progress.


The new alliance is aligned with Switzers’ recent re-positioning; in January of this year they took on a new name, replacing the ‘Geneva Barbarians’. The new name has its roots in the 15th  & 16th centuries, as it is the nickname given to the Swiss by the English when the Swiss mercenaries used to travel abroad and fight in foreign armies. It is a neat touch, creating a link between the contemporary style of the sport and the game’s English origins. Switzers also have a new slogan, Post Tenebras Lux – a Latin phrase that translates as ‘After the Darkness, Light’ and which is also, in a nod to their loyalties, the motto of the city of Geneva.


Through the Switzers’ difference and determination, Charriol sees its values embodied in a thrilling new way, as we join forces with this elite squad of Rugby players.

For updates and photos of the Switzers squad and staff, please visit our Facebook page.

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